Regent Road Baptist Church

Regent Road Baptist Church - Freetown, Sierra Leone

The first Baptist Church founded on the continent of Africa.   Founded in 1792 by David George, an African-American man of origin.   David George served as the churches first pastor.   The current pastor, in the year 2010 is named Tannie Barbington-Johnson.   He has been the Pastor at the Regent Road Baptist Church since 1985.  This year Pastor Tannie Barbington-Johnson celebrates his 25th year as the Pastor of the Regent Road Baptist Church.

The following is an exerpt from the writings on the brief history of the Regent Road Baptist Church (Church of God).

"Among the 1200 freed slaves brought to the New Colony in 1792 were Methodists, members of the Countess of Huntingdon Connection, and Baptists.   After a tiring and distressing three month voyage, these people gathered around the Cotton tree for a Thanksgiving Service.   The Baptists in the group were accompanied by thier pastor, The Rev. David George, himself a freed slave, a Virginia-born Baptist preacher.   He soon constituted his people into a Baptist Church, the first to be established on the Continent of Africa.

News about the inception of Baptists reached William Carey, as a result, two missionaries were sent to strengthen the work.   Unfortunately, Mr. Rodway, after working only a short time, returned home due to ill health, while Mr. John Grigg left for America after being expelled for meddling in government affairs.   These men were not replaced, so Rev. George continued alone."

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